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Monday, July 14, 2014

DBNY Prime, Choice or Select...

DBNY Rewards Club

We're working out the details for our new rewards program and we'd sure like your input, suggestions and comments. Let us know on our Facebook page (or email). We hope registration starts this month.

There will be multiple levels with the top two tiers being premium. Yes, you pay to be in either of the top two echelons.

For all levels you must be subscribed to our mailing list and registration for each group will be required.

DBNY Select - free, if you've placed a minimum of 10 orders with us, limited to 1,000 members. You accumulate points for every order you place and those points are redeemable for discounts, store credit or gift cards.

DBNY Choice - $25 per year, limited to 100 members. These members get a discount on every order and accumulate points like the Select Club.

DBNY Prime - $97 per year, limited to 25 members. Prime members accumulate reward points, get a bigger discount on every order, may schedule visits to our warehouse, get special discounts on classes and rentals the the Hanson House Retreat center here in Barton, VT. DBNY Prime members, when possible, will receive spreadsheets of incoming inventory so you can make an offer for yarn lots before we post them online.

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