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Another Win-Win Yarn Consignment Agreement with Riley in North Carolina

skeinsAs you may know, a lot of the yarn we sell is on consignment. There are many MANY reasons why a person or company decides to consign with us – but it’s always so rewarding when both parties (us, the Yarn Girls… and them, the consignor) have a positive experience with the process and the result from the sales.

Recently, we received a shipment from a lady who contacted us via a Google Ad we were running that stated we liquidate yarn. Riley, from North Carolina, sent us a beautiful selection of fibers (most of which you may have seen featured in our current auction on ProxiBid – click here to view before Sunday August 30th, 2015 at 2:00pm EDT). We sent Riley her earnings statement for a partial month and she was pleasantly surprised at how much we were able to liquidate her shipment for.

Here was her most-recent email reply (full names and email addresses omitted for anonymity):

Hello! First of all I got the spreadsheet and I am floored by the
numbers– I had no clue my mother’s yarn was worth so much! That’s a
year of tuition. Also, we came across another little stash of yarn in
the house and I think it would be worth sending up to you– lots of
Lorna’s Lace and Wollmeise, which I know are very fancy brands. There’s
some Cherry Tree Hill in there too.

musk-oxRiley: We LOVE hearing feedback like this (just wait until you see how much the cone of Musk Ox is selling for). Thank you for working with us.

It’s great when things work out this way. :)

-The Yarn Girls

Qiviut / Musk Ox Knitting Yarn – Auction

Qiviut/Musk Ox Knitting YarnQiviut is naturally soft gray / brown in color, and is one of the warmest and most luxurious fibers in the world. Qiviut is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and finer than cashmere. It is hypoallergenic and will not shrink. Extremely rare, qiviut is one of the most luxurious fibers you can choose for a garment.

We’re sorting stock from a yarn shop gone out of business and we found the most amazing yarn! We’re currently listing yarns, fibers, books and equipment that will go into our DBNY Spinning and Knitting Studio Equipment and Fiber Liquidation Auction on Proxibid and happened across 850 grams of Musk Ox Yarn undyed in pristine condition that was spun in Scotland!

We will be selling this rare Qiviut to the highest bidder on Proxibid. If you have not already registered to become a bidder, sign up now! These rare yarns, fibers and antique spinning tools and sock knitting machines will be available for purchase only on Proxibid.

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Bidding Begins Monday, August 17, 2015 | 10:00 AM Eastern.

Spinning and Knitting Studio Equipment and Fiber Liquidation Sale

A well known spinner, knitter and hand dyer has passed away in North Carolina and her family has commissioned us to liquidate all yarns, fibers, cones and equipment found in her studio.

Roving and Fiber sale at DBNYAn avid spinner and collector, she owned two 100 year old Auto Knitter machines for knitted socks in working condition!

She amassed hundreds of bags of exotic and breed specific roving and fleece — among them Yak, Cashmere, Baby Alpaca, Angora, Tussah Silk and many Mulberry Silk roving and fiber sale at DBNY and Merino blends as well as Cormo, Finn, Shetland, Merino, Wensleydale and Targhee fleece, among others.

Also found were a huge amount of rare fiber cones including Italian cashmere, British wools, Japanese silks and many more. The variety of hard to find Personal Stash Yarn is unbelievable and her family would like us to redistribute all of these unused treasures to you! While we were going over the inventory with the family, they discovered a bill for a storage unit they knew nothing about. It was filled wit more yarns, fibers and accessories.

New Auction Coming Soon…

New spinning and knitting studio liquidation auction coming soon

Rarer items are being photographed for our upcoming Proxibid Auction and everything else will be available right here at DBNY. Dealers and collectors, please email us!

Sign up at Proxibid so you’re ready for our next exciting auction.

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Need to destash? Better call Cheryl

Rare and Precious Collectible Buttons Auction – Begins in 3 days!

Rare and Precious Collectible Buttons (no, it’s not yarn.. but many of you probably use them in your finished garments) – our greatest auction yet is scheduled to begin in 3 days! To bid on anything, you need to be preregistered, you can do that, and preview the auction items, here:


Rare and Precious Button Auction


Register now to get in on our HUGE ‘Rare and Precious Metal Button Auction’ – starting soon! Preview the auction items and preregister here: