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Epic Yarns Delivery

We’re unloading the latest from Epic Yarn in Maine, today save 66% more on select clearance categories so we can make room.

Weaving – Loom Shuttles…

Shop Early And Shop Often?

You may have read us saying that before, this morning is a perfect example of why. DBNY Bargain Basement Yarn Sale

As we were preparing today’s Daily Deals mailer, we marked down and moved over 100 selections of yarn into the Bargain Basement. The first customer bought a lot of them, over $600 worth. We’ll be marking down more yarns throughout the day.

The DBNY Process…

Just in case you haven’t read this before, we sell yarn and accessories that have been discontinued, overstocked, sometimes there are seconds or mill ends from manufacturers, unsold inventory from shops and importers – all kinds of places. We price new selections at 25% to 50% off retail. If those new yarn selections don’t sell quickly, we mark them down and move them to the Bargain Basement at 66% to 75% off retail, and then we often add more discounts on top of that. It’s not unusual to pay less than wholesale at DBNY.

Precious Metal Threads

While going through the truckload of items from Epic Yarn we came across boxes and boxes of threads, ribbons and cords made from precious metals.

Precious Metal Thread Project

This includes very rare and hard to find vintage ecclesiastical threads, cords and ribbons spun from precious metals such as gold, copper and silver over silk cores. Similar embellishments –if you can find them– are sold by the inch. Ours are listed in lots sold by the ounce, spool or group of related items.

These gold, silver and other metal threads are traditionally used on religious vestments and more. One customer sent us a photo of her FO.

“I have a tiny little hoard pile (it isn’t possible to actually hoard the stuff in hoarder quantity! It’s like good bead shopping: “You spent WHAT on that tiny bag of stuff and you’re calling it a steal?!”) of ecclesiastical trims I keep as a secret stash of costume and jewelry instant-awesome, and… I could have fainted when I peeked at the site tonight.”

As these materials are made of metal they will oxidize and acquire a patina that can only come with age. Please be aware that this does not happen evenly or consistently. We think, and most customers agree, this enhances the beauty of the product. Please consider this when you make a purchase as all products are not returnable.

The Stitchin’ Post LYS Liquidation Sale

The Stitchin' Post Liquidation Sale At DBNYJust two weeks ago, the Stitchin’ Post in New York closed its doors after 30 years and the owners have commissioned us to sell all stock.

This store featured natural fiber yarns, huge back stocks of vintage yarns, tapestry and embroidery floss, books and patterns of all kinds, needles, notions, accessories and kits.

The amount of inventory stacked floor to ceiling was unbelievable. Our truck pulled in last night completely full and after we unload it, we’re going back for the rest!

Bulk Buyer’s Warehouse Sale

DBNY Warehouse Truck Yarn Sale


We’re doing it again the weekend of February 14, 2015…

We have so many extra boxes of yarns, books and mill ends, that we’re hosting a bulk buyer warehouse sale this weekend. Bulk buy sales are invitation only. You can sort through unlisted stock, choose what you want and make us an offer.

Overnight accommodations are available at Hanson House, walking distance to our warehouse. If you want to come to our next bulk buyer’s sale, let us know!

The 5th Annual Fiber Festival of New England

Fiber Fest Returns At DBNY Today…

Our truck is just now pulling in from the Fiber Festival of New England with all kinds of fresh stock!

Expect new Yarn by the Skein, including handpaints and indie yarns.

We also have brand name single skeins for Yarn Grab Bags, plus all sorts of nice pattern books.

USPS Media Mail & DBNY

USPSCrystal, our shipping manager, just got back from the local post office. She wanted to meet with the local Post Master but unfortunately she wasn’t available.

We had a recent experience with the post office. A customer let us know that her local USPS delivery person presented her with a package from us, and a COD bill for $11 and change. Interesting since we do not use COD as a payment method.

You can read through the emails and letter from the local Post Master about this. We’ll let you know what happens next.

The Fiber of My Being (Liquidation Sale)

The Fiber of My Being in Milo, Maine has closed its doors and we have been commissioned to liquidate all stock.

This shop was also a fiber studio, so expect to find roving and prepared fiber in addition to handpainted and handspun yarn. Some of the smaller selections we will box lot, plus there will be plenty of mill cones.

Get ready to surprise yourself with unique high end fibers and colors!

All stock has been marked 25% to 50% off retail and we hope to get it completely listed today. Early birds can pick additional store wide savings that matches their spending level from the choices below:

yarn liquidation sale yarn by the skein sale at DBNY
roving sale at DBNY yarn on the cone sale at DBNY
  • Spend $25 or more and save anadditional 10% store wide with the coupon code EARLY10
  • Spend $50 or more and save anadditional 15% store wide with the coupon code EARLY15
  • Spend $75 or more and save anadditional 20% store wide with the coupon code EARLY20
  • Spend $100 or more and save an additional 25% store widewith the coupon code EARLY25
  • Spend $150 or more and save an additional 30% store widewith the coupon code EARLY30

Customer Appreciation – FREE GIFT!

Our truck is back with a load from Tahki Stacey Charles. Find fresh selections across the board, including Books & Magazines, Yarn on Cone, Yarn by the Skein, Accessories and more.

Today, get a free goodie bag with any order over $25 plus pick a special offer code that matches your spending level. Goodie Bags contain over a pound of Tahki yarns, plus patterns and accessories worth over $25.

Choose your prize package with accompanying discount level from the list below:

  • Spend $25 or more and get a free Goodie Bag with your purchase when you type in GOOD4ME at checkout
  • Spend $50 or more and get a free Goodie Bag plus 10% off your purchase when you type in GOOD410 at checkout
  • Spend $75 or more and get a free Goodie Bag plus 15% off your purchase when you type in GOOD415 at checkout
  • Spend $100 or more and get a free Goodie Bag plus 20% off your purchase when you type in GOOD420 at checkout

This offer is good on absolutely anything store wide. You must select a Goodie Bag code order to receive a Goodie Bag. One goodie bag per customer, please.

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