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Here you’ll be able to find various Araucania books and magazines.

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Araucania – AR104 – Tepa – Jenny Watson Designs, In the Mood by Jean Moss, Araucania – AR101 – Ruca, Araucanian Moments, Araucanian Leisure, Araucania – Wandering Spirits, Araucania – Winter Jewels, Araucania by Jane Ellison – Book 1, Araucania – Indian Summer, Araucania – Designer Mini Knits – Book 4

Araucania Designer Mini Knits Book 4
2 in stock
Araucania Indian Summer
3 in stock
Araucania By Jane Ellison Book 1
1 in stock
Araucania Winter Jewels
4 in stock
Araucania Wandering Spirits
3 in stock
Araucanian Leisure
11 in stock
In The Mood By Jean Moss
5 in stock
Araucania AR101 Ruca
1 in stock
Araucanian Moments
9 in stock