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Cottage Condo, Cave, Or Castle, No Matter Where You Live, Knits Make It Home

Pillows, bolsters, afghans, and throws take the stage in this attractive collection of home accessories from the archives of Knitter’s Magazine . Several newly-designed companion pieces have been added to this tried-and-true collection, co-ordinating all of the projects to work together as furnishings for a single room or an entire house. Choices for colour and fiber are even more varied, featuring yarns that fit a wide range of budgets and include everything from easy-care wool to luxury blends and all-organic options. A special section shows how to plan alternate colour schemes, and clear illustrations encourage knitters to try new techniques and easy finishing options such as no-sew pillows and throws that are attractive on both sides. A handy final section provides foolproof tips for washing and storing knits.

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