Swallow – Single Point Needles – Australian Casein




All Swallow needles feature hand tapered tips, which are polished to a glass-smooth finish, allowing the yarn to slip easily for quicker knitting. They have the perfect blend of flexibility and rigidity to create a firm, comfortable knitting needle that allows smooth effortless knitting. Casein plastics are made from a natural organic protein polymer (skimmed milk) that is not toxic to produce. It is chemically synthesized with a mild solution of formaldehyde as a hardener.

Manufactured from the purest edible grade rennet CASEIN

CASEIN is the protein of milk and is supplied from a naturally renewable ecological resource

CASEIN is biodegradable and environmentally friendly

CASEIN is an insulator and non-static eliminating “fluffy” knitting

CASEIN is a non conductor and ideal for arthritic knitters

CASEIN is warm to the touch and comfortable to hold

Swallow needles are hardened to the perfect blend of flexibility and rigidity to create a firm comfortable knitting tool

The glass smooth polished surface allows fast effortless knitting

Virtually noiseless in use

Swallow needles have a lustrous, flawless look of a piece of jewelry

Perfectly hand tapered points for faster knitting

Description taken from the Swallow website.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 14 x 1 x .3in

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