Brown Sheep Yarn – Lamb’s Pride Worsted



VM 275 Spiced Gingerbread

Quantity: 2

M154 Rooster Red

Quantity: 1


Quantity: 3


Quantity: 5



Fiber Content: 85% Soft Wool / 15% Mohair
Yardage: 190 Yards
Weight: 113 Grams
Knitting Weight: Worsted
Gauge: 4 1/2 st/inch – 6 rw/”
Needle Size: US size 8
Care: Hand Wash

Please note: Colors may not be exactly as shown, we do our best to maintain consistency but dye lots may vary. Also, please be aware colors may look different depending on the type of computer screen you are using.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 oz
Dimensions 8 x 2 x 2in

M02 Brown Heather, M56 Clematis, M68 Pine Tree, M83 Raspberry, M52 Spruce, M205 Grassy Knoll, M145 Spice, M149 Hawaiin Teal, M161 Violet Fields, M38 Lotus Pink, M160 Dynamite Blue, M82 Blue Flannel, M20 Strawberry Smoothie, M60 Barley Beige, H01 Raspberry Heather, H05 Adobe Heather, Pistachio, Blue Heirloom, Ruby Red, Christmas Green, Brite Blue, Charcoal Heather, Orchid Thistle, Jaded Dreams, Mulberry, Wine Splash, Rust, Vermillion, Prairie Fire, Sapphire, Navy Sailor, Blue Flannel, Loden Leaf, Sun Yellow, Roasted Coffee, White Frost, Aran, Aubergine, Amethyst, Blue Magic, Aztec Turquoise, Almond Blossom, Brown Heather, Cream, Brown Bear, Blue Skyways, Cranberry Swirl, Cafe Au Lait, Dark Earth, Grey Heather, Deep Charcoal, Deep Pine, Garnet, Forest Shades, Elderberry Wine, Dreamy Night, Khaki, Kiwi, Medieval Red, Spice Bazaar, Persian Peacock, Jacks Plum, Misty Blue, Onyx, Orange You Glad, Plum Smoke, Orange Creamsicle, Periwinkle, Old Sage, Sandy Heather, Sable, RPM Pink, Blue Boy, Sunburst Gold, Bing Cherry, Regal Purple, Rosado Rose, Raspberry, Prairie Goldenrod, Rosy Velvet, Royal Purple Flutter, Supreme Purple, Tiger Lily, Tahiti Teal, Turf Green, Limeade, Silver Sliver, Seafoam, Silver Gray, Olympic Bronze, Emerald Fantasy, Twilight Green, Ponderosa Pine, Red Baron, Ocean Waves, Chianti, Silver Streaks At Nite, Fuchsia, Bittersweet, Winter Blue, Pine Shadows, Blue Blood Red, Wild Oak, Turkish Olive, Bitter Sweet, Wild Mustard, Turquoise Depths, Sable, Camel Back, Frosted Periwinkle, M154 Rooster Red, BM156 Aqua Inlet, VM167 Peony Pink, VM179 Eucalyptus Leaf, M117 Alaskan Sea, M32 Desert Rose, M35 Rosewood, M36 Prim Pink, M70 Sky Line, M74 Dusky Blue, VM 275 Spiced Gingerbread

Yarn Weight

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